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Asus BW-16D1HT
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16X Blu-Ray Disc Drive
- Extreme 16X Blu-Ray writing speed, backup 25GB data for only 8 minutes;
- M-disc Support, save your priceless memories or data for up to 1,000 years;
- BDXL Support - up to 128GB data storage in one disc;
- E-Green saves over 50% of power consumption;
- Doubles data security with password control and encoded file name functionality;
- Friendly interface with three simple steps to burn a disc.

ASUS BW-16D1HT is a powerful and energy-saving Blu-ray writer which is capable of writing from 16X BD format.Its M-Disc compatibility allows consumers store their priceless photos or documents for more than 1,000 years, and along with BDXL Support, the maximum data storage is 128GB in one disc. Suitable for anyone who desires a total storage and data backup solution.

M-disc support
1000-year Storage Solutuion
Save your priceless memories or data for up to 1,000 years

BDXL support
Big-storage disc formats
Move to the future of optical storage with massive BDXL at up to 128GB!

The Most Energy Saving Drive
Green idle mode reduces drive operations for up to 50% energy savings

Disc encryption
Doubled data security
Highest security standards with password control and encoded file name functionality

Burn discs in three simple steps
Drag and drop files to complete super-reliable disc burning in three intuitive steps

Superior burning solution
Best burning quality assured
Intelligent drive operation management pre-tests media and assures the best data burning quality
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Model :90DD0200-B30000
Eancode :4716659418917
Breedte :14.6 cm
CD-R leessnelheid :48 x
CD-R schrijfsnelheid :48 x
CD-ROM leessnelheid :48 x
CD-RW leessnelheid :40 x
CD-RW schrijfsnelheid :24 x
Diepte :17.0 cm
DVD+R Double Layer schrijfsnelheid :8 x
DVD+R leessnelheid :16 x
DVD+R schrijfsnelheid :16 x
DVD+RW leessnelheid :12 x
DVD+RW schrijfsnelheid :8 x
DVD-R Double Layer schrijfsnelheid :8 x
DVD-R leessnelheid :16 x
DVD-R schrijfsnelheid :16 x
DVD-RAM schrijfsnelheid :5 x
DVD-ROM leessnelheid :16 x
DVD-RW leessnelheid :12 x
DVD-RW schrijfsnelheid :6 x
Gewicht :0,750 kg
Hoogte :4.1 cm
Interface :Serial ATA
Type drive :Intern
Laadmechanisme :Tray Disc Loader
Meegeleverde software :E-Green , Cyberlink Power2Go 8\n
Schrijven van :Blu-ray